The Bombay Room, Maple Terrace Inn: Downstairs with a queen bed, 5 large windows, bathroom has 2 lavatories, tub/ shower combo en suite. 




The Silkwood Room, Maple Terrace Inn: Queen bed upstairs, 6 windows provide bright, cheery ambience, bathroom with vanity, walk-in shower and our largest claw foot tub en suite.




The Red Room, Maple Terrace Inn: Upstairs, Old South charm with queen canopy bed, 5 windows, bathroom vanity and claw foot tub/shower combo en suite.




The Mahogany Room, Maple Terrace Inn: Upstairs with 5 windows, bathroom has an elegant vanity, claw foot tub, and walk-in shower en suite.

RATES, including full breakfast (served to order), at the Maple Terrace Inn, Presidents' Inn, Martha's Cottage, Hammond-Routt House and Niles-Bailey House: $135.00/guest room/night plus 9% tax. Rates are based on an occupancy of 2 guests/room. An additional overnight guest is $25.00. We do not accommodate infants (under age 3) at the Maple Terrace Inn, Presidents' Inn or Niles-Bailey House. Guests with infants (under age 3) are welcome to reserve the Mahala Ford/Garrigues Suite at the Hammond-Routt House or Martha's Cottage (see SPECIALS).

SPECIALS: Must be requested at the time reservations are made by phone. Specials are not available online.

Hammond-Routt House - The Mahala Ford and Garrigues rooms can be reserved as a suite with full, private bathroom. Rate = $259.00/night.

Martha's Cottage - Entire cottage with 2 guest rooms and a full, private bathroom = $259.00/night. 

LARGE GROUP DISCOUNT -  Please ask to speak with the owner/innkeeper, Larry Routt, to determine discount based on large numbers of guests/group and/or multiple nights stay.                        

DEPOSIT:  $35.00/guest room/night nonrefundable deposit is required. The total deposit will be applied towards the total cost of accommodations.

CANCELLATION is accepted up to 48 hours prior to the confirmed arrival date. Otherwise, all rooms reserved for the date of arrival will be billed at the regular rate. For verification purposes, guests should obtain the cancellation number by telephone or email any time up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date.

EXTENDED STAY RATES: Available on request prior to check-in. There is no tax for extended stay greater than 90 days.

Check-in: 2 p.m., Check-out: 10:00 a.m.